Elvira is an early strawberry variety that does well in plastic tunnels. It forms low, open plants. The fruits have a good flavour.


Elvira grows at a moderate rate and forms fairly short stalks.


Elvira flowers mid-season with fairly large flowers with well-developed stamens.


Elvira is very productive. The low, open growth habit is moreover favourable with respect to harvesting.


Elvira is a fairly early variety. It produces large, uniform, conical berries. They are shiny bright red with deep yellow and red seeds. The berries are firm and juicy with a good flavour.

Diseases and damage

Elvira is susceptible to the following diseases:

  • susceptible to mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis)
  • moderately susceptible to red stele root rot (Phytophthora fragariae)
  • reasonable resistance to botrytis (Botrytis cinerea)
  • reasonable resistance to verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae)