All our cuttings are propagated using SE starting material produced in our own aphid-free greenhouse. Cuttings are plants with active root tips that will take root in a substrate immediately after planting. We produce cuttings in three grades: large, medium and small. These grades often correspond to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of young plants formed on runners. Cuttings are used to produce tray plants or plug plants.
We propagate cuttings in the following two ways.

Hanging cuttings

DThe SE mother plants grow in a substrate in gutters in our aphid-free greenhouse. We grow a top-quality product in our conditioned, protected greenhouse equipped with the latest technology.

Hanging cuttings are available from early July onwards.

Cuttings grown outdoors

Our outdoor cuttings are propagated in a sloping container field. The mother plants are planted in a substrate contained in gutters. The runners grow on a thick layer of straw to prevent contact with the substrate and enable them to form good root tips.
Cuttings grown outdoors are available from mid-June until the end of July.