"You can’t successfully propagate strawberry plants

without excellent starting material!"

Neessen has been producing starting material in its own aphid-free greenhouse since 1988.

The starting material we propagate is intended for:

  • internal use
  • supply to fellow propagators
  • supply to growers who also propagate their own plants

Every year we buy SEE plants of several varieties from Naktuinbouw’s propagation fields in Horst and we use them to propagate our own parent lines. Apart from these SEE plants from Naktuinbouw we use only plants we have propagated ourselves in our aphid-free greenhouse. This enables us to minimise risks and ensure plants of the very best health and quality!

In 2010 we decided to increase our output and modernise our premises with a new aphid-free greenhouse. Our new greenhouse is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that our starting material can grow in an ideal climate in a protected environment.

A new development is the propagation of starting material via suspended cuttings that are raised in mini trays. The SE1 and SE2 plants that are grown in this way are free of bacterial diseases, nematodes and soil fungi. And in our aphid-free greenhouse there is no risk of any viral infections either. This way we are able to grow starting material above the ground, too.