About Neessen

"A fertile history in the agricultural sector!"

The original company from which Neessen aarbei- en aspergeplanten evolved was established by Jacobus Steeghs in 1906. In 1942 it was continued by Sjang Neessen and Nel Steeghs. In the following decades, Neessen evolved into a proper family company. Since its establishment, Neessen has been active in various fields of arable farming and the livestock industry. In the late 1950s Neessen expanded its range of activities to the horticultural sector, starting with the production of asparagus and later also the production of strawberries. Neessen began to focus on its current specialisations in the late 1960s:

  • propagating strawberry plants for strawberry growers
  • raising asparagus plants for asparagus growers.

In addition to these core activities we also produce asparagus, sugar beet and a few other arable crops. In 2010 we started two sideline activities: raising garden plants and growing hydrangeas for cutting.

Basing ourselves on our broad expertise and in cooperation with our business relations we develop perfect strawberry and asparagus plants for your optimum results. That is what Neessen is all about.