Senga Sengana

Senga Sengana is a German cross bred by Mr Von Sengbusch from Hamburg. The variety was first marketed in 1956.


Senga Sengana is fairly suitable for outdoor cultivation for processing. It is a productive variety that matures mid-season.

External characteristics

Senga Sengana forms medium-sized bushy plants producing an abundance of clusters of fairly small flowers. The spherical strawberries are fairly small. With their deep seeds, the berries look rather like raspberry strawberries. The fruits have good red flesh and a powerful, somewhat unusual fragrance if they are picked when they are mature.


The uniform fruits are shiny and fairly dark red. They are not very vulnerable and have dark orange, juicy flesh with a good flavour and a strong aroma.

Diseases and damage

  • Senga Sengana is susceptible to the following diseases:
  • very susceptible to red stele root rot (Phytopthora fragariae)

  • very susceptible to stem rot (Phytophthora cacotrum)

  • very susceptible to botrytis (Botrytis cinerea)

  • reasonable resistance to verticillium wilt (Verticilium dahliae)

  • reasonable resistance to mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis)

  • reasonable resistance to root rot (Phytopthora cactorum)

  • susceptible to viruses and foliar nematodes